How to Make Your Cute Kids Eat Green Vegetables

Most children would prefer not to see a staggering measure of green veggies on their plate.

For a few, convincing your children to eat green vegetables is a battle. Is it worth the exertion? Nutritionists say yes, because of a large number of health advantages connected with green vegetables is necessary for your kids. For all intents and purposes, multivitamin and leafy vegetables are a standout amongst the most required supplements needed for the good health of kids.

Leafy greens are rich in anti-oxidants and they have invulnerable boosting powers. Is it right to say that you are attempting to increase the fibre in your child’s eating regimen? Green vegetables can help with that as well.

You can add green vegetables to a soup or stew, sauté them up as a side dish, or even add them to an omelette. Still, we will say that these ways might not work with some picky eaters. However, don’t surrender; you don’t need to abstain from serving these bravo! vegetables essentially on the grounds that your kids do not approve of eating green vegetables. We have got you some successful ways to make your kids eat green vegetables easily:

  • Slip veggies into their favourite meals

If your kids love to eat pasta, mash those green leafy vegetables and add to the sauce of that pasta. Serve this delicious pasta in lunch or at snacks time.

  • Serve green veggies in salad

If your kids like to eat cucumber or tomatoes, you can mash some green vegetables in the salad so that your kids won’t deny tasting something new on their serving plates.

  • Stash veggies into cereals

Breakfast should be healthy and delicious. Before going to school when you serve your kids with a healthy bowl of cereals, stash some vegetables in the cereals and mix it nicely.

Eat Green Vegetables

  • Set an example

By a long shot, the best indicator of a kid’s eating conduct is the eating examples by his parents. Kids eat what they know, and if they won’t know the options to eat green vegetables, they don’t even go for it if parents fail to set a healthy example for kids.

Eat Healthy Stay healthy!

Hope your kids had enjoyed watching the fun video. “Why Green Vegetables and Fruits Are Must For Kids?

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  1. Anchal Ramyani
    So true. Guys, I would like to share one of the incidents. One of my friend's son is choosy. He doesn't like eating green leafy vegetables. So I suggested her to mix any of the green leafy vegetables like spinach in flour and make parathas in shapes like star, triangle or even fish and apple. In this way he would love to eat them. And guess what, now he asks her mom daily for that green paratha. May be the trick worked...

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