Kidonova in conversation with Dr. Lubhana Malik, A Psychologist

Do you know what common problems a couples face? Have you ever wondered how does a child feel when he or she listens to the news of parent separation? There are various questions which are unanswered but the problems are very common. in conversation with Dr. Lubhana Malik brings to you a candid conversation where she unveils various aspects of a relationship and explains what trauma a child faces due to parent’s decisions. Keeping the changing lifestyle in mind, she describes what should couple keep in mind before planning a baby.


It is utmost important for every individual to understand the psychological state of every relationship and especially every individual they are living with. Visiting a psychologist might be considered a taboo in the society, it might signify that the person is having some sort of mental disorder, but this is not true at all. It is rather an intelligent decision if a person seeks physiological help to stabilize the current situation of his/her life.

Anxiety and stress is also seen commonly in children nowadays, many parents might not realize the reason behind this, but the psychological problems are taking a toll on the children. Watch her talk about anxiety related issues of children as well as adults.
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