Kidonova in conversation with Dr. Lubhana Malik, A Psychologist, part 2

Here, in conversation with Dr. Lubhana Malik explores the paradigms of societal taboos of not visiting a psychologist at the time of need. Have you ever wondered why a person with minimal mental instability is also considered mentally ill? This is just a mirage that people consulting psychologists are unstable, watch the expert give her take on the societal norms and how this awareness can be spread.

With the rapidly changing time, it has become important for every individual to pay attention to his/her mental state. The fast paced life, the rigorously busy schedule and the agitation existing in personal relationships are some concerns that keep a person occupied. While a person is facing disturbances in any relationship, she or he might feel unstable and prone to taking wrong steps. At this particular time, any individual should consult a psychologist!


All of us need guidance for building a strong relationship, be it with our partners, children or anyone. Expert tips added to our wise decisions can make a great difference in strengthening relationship bonds. Catch her up giving tips on ‘strengthening personal relationships’ and enjoy the conversation.

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