Interesting Facts for Kids to Learn and Enjoy- Part 3

Information is power. Adapting new things consistently help us develop from various perspectives. Independent of the new angles we learn, there is the gigantic sum that remaining parts to be learnt. We bring you many fascinating, clever, stunning, and interesting facts for kids.

Get your day by day dosage of amazement and add a little lift as far as anyone is concerned about going by our Did You Know and interesting facts for kids! These little nibbles of Did You Know Facts are a straightforward strive to teach you and your little one.

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  • The longest street in the world is Yonge Street in Toronto Canada. Yonge Street exactly measures- 1, 896 K.M (1,178 miles)
  • Each time full moon night come and you see the full moon, you always see the same side of the full moon.
  • When lightning strikes, it can reach up to 30,000 degrees Celsius: (54,000 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • In every country, soldiers always salute with their right hand.
  • Without bobbing its head a duck can’t walk.
  • Strawberry is the only fruit which seeds grow outside than inside.
  • The two colours with the strongest impact are Yellow and Black.
  • Flamingo is the only animal who can bend their knees backwards.
  • Amazing to know that hot water freezes faster than the cold water.
  • Crocodiles are colour blinds.
  • It is believed that shark’s teeth are as strong as steel or metal
  • When your cheeks blush, so do your stomach lining blush and turns red.
  • Even when sharks sleep or rest, they do not stop moving.

Interesting Facts for Kids

  • The animal which doesn’t have the brain is Jellyfish.
  • If a person cries and the first drop of tears is from the right eye, that means the person is happy, and if it is from the left eye, the person is sad or in agony.
  • All Pandas are on the loan from China.
  • This is an OMG fact that shark pregnancies last for four years.
  • Elephants and dogs are the only animals that understand pointing.
  • 63 Earths can fit in the planet Uranus.

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