Interesting Facts for Kids to Learn and Enjoy- Part 2

Five-year-olds appear to have an insatiable hunger for learning. That, as well as get a kick out of knowing something that others don’t. Perused on for the sake of entertainment truths to stun and delight your child with our astonishing video of Interesting Facts for Kids to Learn and Enjoy- Part 2.

“In any case, what happened to the dinosaurs?”

“Why do I have blood?”

“How does a honey bee suck honey?”

Children are naturally curious. Many children ask lots of questions, particularly with regards to a point or topic that they are especially inspired by. Teaching them “Interesting Facts for Kids – Part 1” is a good idea!

There is a whole slew of astonishing facts.  These are just the ones which mommies’ would like to teach to their kids.

  • The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is “E”. So does it appear in your Name?
  • What are the 3 most common languages in the world are: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English.
  • Amazing to know that DREAMT is the only word that ends with MT. Pick up the dictionary and find the other word ending with MT. Challenge!!
  • Butterflies have around 1,200 eyes. In any case, they’re bunched together, so they kind of look like one big eye.
  • Starfish don’t have brains. They feel their way through life simply utilising their senses of touch and taste and smell.
  • The memory of the horse is longer than that of the elephant. Horses always remember!
  • Putting sugar on a cut or wound lessens pain and speed up the healing process.
  • Loneliness affects the immunity directly. Having family or friends and staying with your family increases immunity by 60%.

Interesting facts for kids

  • It is a fact that your left lunch is smaller than your right lung; to make the space for a heart in the body.
  • Do your sweat turns red when you are upset? Just kidding! The amazing fact is hippos sweat turns red when they are upset.
  • Did you know that bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun; hence their shape is curved not straight.
  • In a lifetime, the human can produce enough saliva to fill the two swimming pools.

Hope your kids had enjoyed watching the fun video of “Interesting Facts for Kids To Learn and Enjoy- Part 2”!!

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