Celebrate the Spirit of Womens Day with Mommies

Celebrate Womens Day

International Women’s Day is on the door and Justdakhila celebrated the spirit of womens day with Super Moms. There is a special connection between mother and her kid. To help Mommies tie this knot even more stronger, we have compiled beautiful video from Kidonova to celebrate this bond with mommies.

Make this Women’s Day special for your Mommies and if you are a Mum yourself, be proud of what you are doing. Mommies are special not because they are mothers, simply because they are ladies with Super Powers. Respect this bond and make this Womens day memorable for all the ladies you know. Shower them love in form of beautiful gifts, take them out for dinner and enjoy the day to fullest.

Here Justdakhila and Team wishing everyone Happy Women’s Day!!



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