Amazing Facts About Animals Your Kids Need To Know- Part 2

Enjoy our fun animal facts for kids. Kids will love perusing the insane, cool, unusual, peculiar, odd and amusing facts about animals. Finding out about animals is extraordinary fun. Regardless of whether it’s African creatures, ocean creatures, wild creatures or pets, there are such a large number of astonishing sorts of creatures that each have their own particular characteristics and behaviours.


Camels have three eyelids to protect their eyes from the blowing desert sand. Camel has two humps on its back, intended to store fat that can be changed over into water storage and utilised as a source of energy when it is needed.

King Cobra

King cobra is the only snake who builds the nest for its eggs. Cobras create the extensive measure of venom. With only one chomp, cobra can murder elephant or 10-15 people. Cobras live 20 years in nature. They may live longer than 20 years.

Blue Whale

The Blue whale is the biggest creature on the planet. It can be found in all seas of the world. They more often than not spend the late spring in ice water. Around 100 individuals can fit in the mouth of the blue whale, but then, it eats one of the littlest creatures on the planet – krill. Female brings forth one infant following one year of pregnancy. Infant measures 3 tonnes and achieves 25 feet long.


Panda belongs to the family of bears. This is the endangered species with just 1000 pandas are left in the wild. When it is conceived, panda cub weighs just 5 ounces. Mother is 900 times heavier than the cub and it can accidently crush its own cub.

facts about animals


Penguins are flightless flying creatures. Rather than standard wings, penguins have flippers. There are fewer than twenty known types of penguins. Penguins are phenomenal swimmers. They can swim 15-20 miles for every hour. Adding to the facts about animals, they can keep their breath for 20 minutes and can jump further than other feathered animals. Penguin’s eyes can see better under the water than on the ground.

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