Are The Baby Products You Use Safe For Your Baby?



Pregnancy is a boon for a woman and to see the baby for the first time is the best thing that could ever happen to her. The petite toes, little hands, and the tiny battling eyes fill you with immense pleasure when you hold your munchkin for the first time.

You start dreaming the futures and make an unspoken promise with your baby to protect him from all harms and give him what is the best for him. Then why do you break this promise? What did you say, you do not? Then this article might be an eye opener for most of the mommies out there.

As soon as you get the news of the baby coming, all you do is take care of yourself and start preparing for his welcome. You buy clothes, napkins, baby food & baby products to make everything readily available. The choice of your baby products that includes shampoo, massage oil, cream, body lotion, soap and other cosmetics for babies is probably what your mother would treat you with.

Baby products But, time has changed and so have many things. The products which your mother used for your bath rituals are not the same anymore.  Thanks to the commercialization, the “Gentle and Pure” baby products have now become the reason of many health hazards for your baby because of the heavy chemicals that are used in making them.

So what to do now? How will you offer bathing rituals to your little baby? The answer to your question is Organic Baby Products.

You can buy these products from the market, but with necessary care. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best baby products for your baby.

  • Read the composition of the products and if you find any use of paraben or chemicals avoid using it for your baby.
  • Most of the baby oils available in the market are by-products of petroleum, try   buying olive oil,
    coconut oil or almond oil as they are natural.
  • While buying shampoo and soaps you must ensure they are not treated to offer tear free bath. The chemicals may give your child temporary comfort but may harm him in the ling run.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what you are using for your child is not the best and certainly not what you promised.





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